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About me

"Beauty is who you are, let our jewelry tell your story". 


RPSN, a combination of my family initials, originated in New York City in 2020. Committed to create classic and timeless pieces at an affordable price without compromising the quality or sustainability. RPSN Jewels strives to bring you the best quality trendy pieces, for everyday wear. 

A little backstory, I have super sensitive skin. I thought I could only wear real gold or silver jewelry. I'd splurge on jewelry once in a while but they always irritated my skin or discolored my skin and not to mention they were EXPENSIVE. So I started researching about jewelry materials and experimenting on different types of metals and finally found stainless steel and sterling silver to be the best kind of metals for sensitive skin.

Being a full time Accounting student in New York City, I couldn't splurge on jewelry like I wanted to. So, I started RPSN Jewels, with hopes of creating high quality, affordable trendy pieces. You shouldn't have to break your bank to buy trendy jewelry which doesn't even last long and irritates your skin. You shouldn't have to worry about your expensive jewelry discoloring your skin or tarnishing. I believe everyone deserves to have good quality jewelry. 




Each piece is curated by the best craftsmanship without compromising the quality or sustainability. I am constantly thinking of ideas, and creating the trendiest pieces of jewelry for you guys and I hope you love my collection as much as I do.

 -Palomina <3